Acrylic, Mixed media, Pencil
About This Project

I did the original sketch for this picture at the Doha airport while waiting for a flight to return to Madrid. A friend of mine and I went to Nepal to the Annapurnas Trekking in 2008. I guess when drawing this I was thinking about being pulled back to the office 🙂 just kidding.

The painting actually is a reminder of a promise I made to myself that day. It symbolizes all the forces that resist change, everything that needs to be left behind, everything that prevents me from moving forward. The black ink that falls symbolizes the dead energy spilled while we are unable to free ourselves from those forces.

That day, even though I was very sick, was an interesting day. We even met Jesús Calleja, who sat next to us in the departure lounge.

If you have a space where you think this work would fit well, do not hesitate to contact me.

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