Mixed media, Watercolours
About This Project

Official image for social media of Sara Lambda (Independent artist- songwriter- acoustic pop).


The final image is the result of a process of free experimentation (thanks to the creative freedom entrusted to me by S. Lambda).

With her music in the background, I wrote down concepts and drew a color palette trying to transmit what I was listening to and what I know about her. This allows me to create an emotional state with which ideas flow naturally. With this environment, I continued drawing sketches that got closer to the final image.

I have used watercolor because it is, in my opinion, one of the best techniques to get organic results. The chosen color palette is associated with science and creativity – since she is not only  an artist, but a scientist.

The lines across the portrait, the cosmic touch with the stars formation and the fall of the watercolor are symbolic elements representing, among other things, the infinite and unknown, the sensation of gravitation and timelessness, fluidity, expansion, speed of ideas…mind in pure creative state.

As a gratitude for her trust, I included a Print and two personalized pins with her image.


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