Cristina Martín H.



I was born in Mallorca, but moved to Madrid with my family as a child. Even though none of my parents are a professional artist, in my home there was always a passion for drawing.

It was in the summer of 1999 when I moved to Berlin to learn German. The visual culture and the artistic environment in the capital influenced me greatly.

In  2014 I moved to the Swiss Alps and settled in a small town in Wallis, a great place to enjoy another passion of mine: mountaineering.



After obtaining a Bachelor´s degree in Tourism I decided to follow my true passion: visual arts.

I studied graphic design while I had jobs unrelated to art. I learnt different techniques such as aerography with Carlos Diez and serigraphy with Mariano Durante. I also did an intense course in illustration in ESDIP, in DTP design in Trazos, in web design in Aula CM and a Master in Art Direction at La Rioja University.



I paint using different techniques such as water colour, spray, acrylic or digital. I also use various surfaces for painting, preferably broken snowboards, old doors or even spray cans. These experiments result in an exciting upcycling.

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